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Able Electric is very proud of our safety program. We place the utmost importance on safety and are extremely committed to maintaining the health and safety of our employees, our clients, and our partners. Our continued dedication to our safety program is demonstrated through our exceptional safety performance record.

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Safety Statement

     "To the greatest degree possible we will maintain a Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) program conforming to the best available practices of the industry.
     An injury and incident free workplace is our GOAL.
    Together, through continuous safety and loss control effort, we can accomplish this."

     -Michael Castellani, President Able Electric


    Able Electric ensures all of our staff have the proper certifications. We take pride in offering additional training opportunities to our employees providing them with skills and certifications above and beyond industry requirements. 

     Recently, several members of our team completed certification in Infectious Control for Construction. Such training not only allows Able Electric to better meet our customers' needs, but also further ensures a safe working environment for our staff, clients, and everyone around our job sites. 

      IBEW offers FREE confined space training, WHMIS 2015, First Aid, Fall Restraint, lift training and more. Visit   or


     Able Electric's safety officer produces our safety newsletter each month. The original intent of the newsletter was to increase awareness about safety related concerns for Able Electric employees. We are pleased to release this online each month as we feel it is important to share best practices and increase awareness about workplace and occupational safety. See our most recent newsletter HERE

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